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Foundation And Management Of RFJ

Foundation And Management Of RFJ

The Rainforest Foundation Japan was founded as an official affliate of the Rainforest foundation International( RFI Head-quarters:NY ), prior to the visit of the visit of the Kayapo Chief Raoni and Sting to Japan on their world tour in 1989.

The aim of their world tour was to alarm the world on the threat the Amazon  rainforest and its habitants faced.

In November 1991,The Rainforest Foundation International's effort to establish a 180,000 square-kilometer national park ,approximately half the size of Japan, in the Xingu are came into existence. The park is expected to protect the precious but fragile ecosystem from exploitation as well as to preserve the wisdom, culture and tradition of the indigenous peoples who live in the area for thousands of years.
The Rainforest Foundation continuously endeavors to support the ecosystem and the indigenious peoples to develop a sustainable way under the changing  external enviroment, and conducts emegency skims for such occasions as spread of epidemic diseases or the natives and intruders.

While RFJ has been an affliate of the Rainforest Foundation International until 1996, its started to conduct its own activities to help protect the Amazon rainforest and its habitants under the cooperation with the Rainforest Foundation International since 1996.

RFJ's activities are supported by volunteer staffs and contributions of approximately 700 support members, individuals, groups, corporations, other foundations and govermental bodies.

Fund Raising for Xingu National Indio Park

Collecting funds from indivisuals/foundations/corporations/govermental bodies to sustain Xingu National Park which is the model area of the world's rainforest protection.

Support for Emergencies of Forest and Indigenous Populations
Fund/human resource support and appeal to mass media and RFJ members


  • Emergensy medical aids for mercury poisoning caused by gold mining and epidemics such as malaria and cholera
  • Protest against confrontation between the indigenous population and intruders into the area
  • Protest against the Brazilian goverment and corporations



amazonmapnew.jpgIn November 1991,the Brazillian President signed for the establishment of the 180,000 square-kirometer indigenous park in the Xingu area. In the area,a number of projects ,such as education program medical program for epidemics and mercury poisoning, have been conducted to protect flora and fauna of the rainforest by the initiative and leadership of the indigenous habitants.
Also established was the Center for Native Culture Recording.

Although the area has been designated as a national park ,the financial situation of the Brazilian goverment has not allowed the budget to support the park.
Therefore ,the financial resources to Rainforest Foundation and its international affliates/associates /supporters.

<Activities of RFJ>
-Inrernational Promotion of rainforest  protection
-Suggesting sustainable resource management methods for theprofit of all humanities
-Supporting indigenous population for human rights, land rights and educational improvement
-Research and recording of rainforst
-Emergency skims for rainforest and indigenious population

Event Planning

Planning domestic /overseas events for the promotion of our activities and to establish the network with the others

  • Earth Day Festivals,International Cooperation Festival and others
  • Organizing symposiums with the invited indio leaders and the related experts
  • Oranizing/supporting overseas symposiums/exhibitions

Educational Activities

Symposiums / lectures / exhibitions / supply of information to schools / consultations / video production and others

Sales of Original Products

Books / T-shirts / sweat shirts / badges / stickers / telephon cards / lithographes

Publishing Newsletters

  • Publishing of newsletters"Jungle Letter" and "Okkorai"

Inspection Trips to the Area

RFJ staffs visit the sights in the Amazon area twice a year to monitor the projects as well as to improve the support system.

Mass media

Consultation/cordinations/organizing TV programs
”Free Zone 2000” Asahi Satellite TV aired in March 1993
”Sekai Fushigi Hakken”   TBS   aired in March 1994
”Nichiyo Bijyutukan”     NHK  aired in October 1995
”Kamigami no Uta Special”   TBS   aired in December 1998
”Ningen towa nanda II” TBS aired in November 1999